Investe Promotions mainly focuses in developing real estate projects in Luxembourg.

We work with developers, property owners, businesses, financial institutions, insurance companies, and public agencies to establish the value of real estate assets, identify competitive market factors, conduct location analyses, evaluate the financial feasibility of projects, and devise action plans to facilitate timely implementation of projects or investment programs.

Investe Promotions aims to constantly extent its developing of real estate activity in Luxembourg over the years to come.


Creating our own estate agency in 2015 enabled Investe to pool their resources and skills in order to provide you with premium quality services. Property Invest is on hand to help with any issues and questions regarding your property projects. They offer a range of solutions, from selling, renting or developing land, to helping those looking for accommodation or office space, and much, much more. In particular, we have extensive and recognised experience in developing, building and selling projects from A to Z; quite simply, our knowledge of the property market is second-to-none.