Wonschstär (engl. Wish Star) has been founded in 2014. The aim of the Foundation Wonschstär is to help people who suffer in their everyday life from the burden of illnesses, past accidents or sad fate. Our basic philosophy is that everyone should be given the chance to realize his dreams.

Unfortunately, the prerequisites for a universal right are not met equally for all of us. This is why the foundation strives to accompany and support people who, have lost faith in personal goals or dreams.

Dreams are not just dreams; they are much more beautiful experiences and perspectives on a brighter future and therefore the best cure for new hope. Wonschstär wants to provide beautiful experiences by fulfilling a particular wish. This could be a material gift, a holiday, getting introduced to its own role model, a particular event, support to simplify the everyday life.

Our foundation wants to show that with determination and willingness there is always a way to achieve a lot of goals. One should never lose courage. The message we spread is relatively simple: love, compassion, mercy and a sense of responsibility. We want to share with people in need of support the acknowledgment that everyone’s’ life, despite its difficulties, has a meaning.

A star, a small light-colored glow, gleams of hope; Wonschstär wants to provide as many as possible of them. By providing a little joy, we create a bit of hope and can show our deepest compassion to those concerned by such strokes of fate.