The High Tech Campus in numbers

103 hectars
160 Companies
N°1 Tech hot spot in Europe
40 Startups




High Tech Campus Eindhoven was sold by Philips to a private consortium of investors, including Investe. Philips remains on the Campus as a tenant, but its status changed from owner/manager to resident.

 The High Tech Campus Eindhoven is a high tech center and R&D ecosystem on the Southern edge of the Dutch city of Eindhoven. In 2016, the High Tech Campus is home to more than 140 companies and institutions, comprising over 10,000 product developers, researchers and entrepreneurs and an estimated 85 nationalities. The Financial Times, Fortune, Forbes and others have praised the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE) as one of the best locations in the world for hightech venture development and startup activity. As such, the HTCE is an innovation district, a targeted area with a huge potential for innovation and entrepreneurship. The campus attracts companies and research institutes engaging in advanced high-tech research and development. This includes research and development activity in the area of hightech systems, nanotechnology, embedded systems, smart pharma, life sciences, as well as security and encryption.